This association is located at Nimo road off Njikoka local government area secreteriat Abagana, Anambra state. It was born out of concern to provide practical solution in the water sector as outlined in our motto, mandate,vision & mission, including introduction of insurance program and policies in providing solutions in

  • Public/ community borehole.
  • Private borehole AND Technicians.

    This association has a mandate to curb, checkmate, regulate and protect the interest of the grass root people, innocent clients, co-operate bodies, government and members in a bid to bring back hope to all the dependent in the water industry.


    To monitor the environment and consolidate the strength of individual and unfold fresh ideas that guarantees the survival of the dependent in the industry. Thereby, create a platform that gives confidence to investors and help co-operate bodies and governmet agencies fight water scarcity in our society.


    As a professional water service providers platform,we have competent members that give practical solution in the water sector, Renging from,
  • Rotary borehole drilling of any categories.
  • Air compresing/ Hammering.
  • Concrete handog well.
  • Plastering well.
  • Alternative means of providing water in a challenging zone of iron or lost of circulation.
  • Geophysical survey expert, Borehole logging & water quality analysis expert.
  • Industrial & domestic Reticulation technician.
  • Borehole Airlifting technician AND other experienced water technician & artisans that work with code of standard practice and ethical profession in delivering project to clients satisfaction.
  • Fabrication of water storage facilities of any capacity (tank stanchion).
  • Solar pump system installation.
  • Insurance schemes for both public and industrial drilling.
  • Consultancy.
  • The organization platform is made up of competent Technical & Administrative professionals for effective running of her daily activities.


  • Re-orientating our membrs with character that promotes transparency in giving water to humanity.
  • Making sure that the right equipment, tools and materials are used at the right time to ensure effective performance and quality delivery of project.
  • To introduce maintanence polices that will enhance continuity, expansion and guarantee sustainability of water infrastructure.
  • Supply classified information and assistance to co-operate bodies, communities, executives and legislative arm of government that helps in solving water problem.

    To provide a platform or friendly environment that foster mutual respect and build a complementary cohesive team where every individual strength is made productive for posterity.

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